July 10, 2011

Math Fact Match

I made this little math fact matching game a few nights ago.
It came from a file folder game book..
Carson Dellosa Fabulous File Folders for Language Arts and Math

I put magnets on the back but it would be fun in a folder too.



Tara said...

So cute, cute!! I wonder if I can adapt this for 4th with multiplication? Love your blog and store....will have to be placing an order soon:)

4th Grade Frolics

Mrs. Egley said...

Cute. Did you just run it on colored tagboard? I always run on paper, color, glue to the manila tagboard, cut out and then laminate. Why did I not ever think to just run on colored tagboard? Sometimes common sense just escapes me! You have inspired me - I have tons of those books for file folder games. Uh Oh another thing to add to my ever expanding summer "to do" list!!!


Mrs. Egley

meesabelle said...

Neat idea! I could make a whole garden of root veggies!

First Grade Frame of Mind

Hadar said...

very cute!!!


Ashley said...


Love your site, will follow when the following thing comes back!

Jan Brady said...

Such a cute idea! Love your site! I'm a follower now.
- Jan

krazykindergarten said...

Super cute!!

It's a Jungle Out There! said...

I love this!!!! Is there anyway that I could download this activity? You're amazing... LOVE IT

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Lindsay Scott said...

Are we able to download these carrots somewhere?